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The  ELC Micro PLC. with a program capacity of 516 functions. Function blocks including mathematical operations, PWM, 1KHz high speed counter and SMS text messaging, along with a wide operating temperature (-25 to 55°C) open up new possibilities in all areas of building and industrial automation. Optional extension units for 84 inputs & 74 outputs

The highlights at a glance:

  • Extra large program capacity (512 program blocks)
  • Output module with 2 analog outputs
  • For outdoor applications down to -25°C
  • Easy upload. download and monitoring via USB or RS232 ports
  • Additional communications capabilities (including, e-mail and SMS)
  • Optional interface: Ethernet, GSM/SMS Quad Band, MODBUS RTU/ASCII 
  • Software programming example video
  • User information link  hardware and software

These products are used in applications such as simple and advanced automation, heating/air conditioning, access control, pumps, robots, water and air treatment, packing machines, material handling, trucks and transportation, medical equipment, security, etc.


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